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Oh no – I know what you’re thinking…just another boring fishing show. Well, not this one. Facts of Fishing THE SHOW truly is different. Each week viewers get to follow the off-the-wall antics of professional angler Dave Mercer. The unique thing is that every episode of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW is shot in one day. Whether Dave’s a hero or a zero, we’ll show you everything that happens on the water. From big fish, backlashes, broken rods, or Dave getting hooked in a part of his body that rhymes with bass, you’ll see it! Click here for THE SHOW schedule or Click here to view the WebCut version.


Okay, let’s face it – attention span is not something people have a lot of these days. And if you spend any time with Dave, you will realize he’s no different and that’s exactly why he is the originator of the one-minute fishing tip. For over 12 years viewers have been laughing, learning and hooked on Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing Tip Series. Click here to view tips.


The fishing news, views and info you can’t use show. Each week thousands of fishing fans tune in online to watch Dave’s comedic rants about everything fishing and quite often just the other junk he has in mind. Click here to see FYI episodes.


Millions of people watched Will Ferrell’s movie, Anchorman. Evidently, Dave watched it and somehow thought he could do that. Dave has been chosen to host and be colour commentator for many major network broadcasts such as CBS, Fox Sports Networks, Versus, Global and the World Fishing Network. Click here to see Dave in action.


No matter what you fish for, all anglers have one thing in common – they want to catch more! Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing DVD Series helps them do that. This series is an in depth, highly informative look at all aspects of fishing and has been the #1 selling fishing DVD in Bass Pro Shops four years in a row! Click here for more information.


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