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Red Head Socks

As somebody who fishes over 200 days per year and living in Canada, I can't let cold weather stop me. That's why I have the right gear for the right situation; and one item that I just can't do without is my Red Head All Purpose Lifetime Guarantee Socks. These socks are the warmest, most comfortable piece of footwear that I have ever worn.

The very first time I wore them, I was fishing an October Lake Erie tournament. It was your standard, October Lake Erie day with 12-foot swells and freezing cold temperatures. My feet stayed dry and warm all day in these socks!

Made with merino wool and full lambs wool cushioning with stretch fibers throughout ensures a snug all-day fit. The Jersey-Knit lace area prevents bunching and the elastic arch support and flat toe seam with a reinforced heel and toe add durability for a lifetime wear.

These socks won't guarantee fish but they sure will guarantee that your feet will be happy whether the fish are biting or not!

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