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Facts of Fishing® Secret Spots Map Series

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The secret to catching fish is to fish where the fish are. That’s easy to say but where are the fish? In Dave’s Facts of Fishing® Secret Spots map series, he will not only show you where to catch fish, but he will also identify the different areas that hold different species. Now all you have to do is get out on the water and catch them!

Dave's Comments:

"One of the most important tools for me to find fish is a map. That’s why when it came time to have my own series of maps, I wanted to make sure they were easy to read, waterproof, ripproof, and the right size so that I could read them when I was running down any lake. But most of all, I wanted to make sure they were chalk full of some of the hottest spots on some of the hottest lakes in Southern Ontario. These maps will help you catch more and bigger fish this year."

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