Notes from Pig-Wick

Written by Sarah on April 12, 2011

Notes from Pig-Wick

Dave has left Alabama and moved on to scenic Many, Louisiana. Reflecting back on the week gone by, here’s a Top 10 list of facts, questions and goofball theories the mainstream media won’t give you:

1.       If Cliff Crochet and Keith Poche had a TV show discussing politics, cooking, great books, gator hunting techniques or whatever, I guarantee you it’d be on my TIVO.

2.       Day Four saw a three-way tie for big fish. Hackney, Alton Jones and Bobby Lane all had 5-11 triplets. Don’t we need some sort of tiebreaker for this situation? Steel cage match anyone?Competitive clog dancing?

3.       With their Classic tickets punched, I think I saw Hite, Grigsby and Evers eating with Swindle at the Waffle House about 10am this morning. Can anyone break a check for $100,000?

4.       Alton Jones has finished 8th, 3rd and 5th in the first three Elite Series events of the year after not making a Top Twelve cut in 2010. Apparently he’s been saving them up.

5.       This week’s tournament site, Toledo Bend, was the birthplace of the Hemphill Gang, a group of legendary anglers including Larry Nixon and Tommy Martin. Don’t look now but KVD has inspired a group of Michiganders to take on the world – their ranks now include JVD, Nate Wellman and Ryan Said. Can we get a nickname for them?

6.       Number of anglers in the Top 20 named “Ott” this week? Just one. Mr. Defoe has three checks this year, is in 8th overall, and leads the rookie race by 120 points.

7.       Sorry Skeet – Travis Manson still has the best hair on tour.

8.       Is it just me or does Greg Hackney bear a striking resemblance to the Cookie Monster?

9.       In the 1st event of the season, one angler named “Lane” made the money. In the 2nd, two of them made the money. In the 3rd, all three made the money. Now we’re at #4 and we don’t have another Lane to pay.

10.   The 36 available Top 12 spots so far have been claimed by 30 different anglers. KVD (2), Kelly J (2), Scroggins (2), Grigsby (2) and Alton Jones (3) are the multiple-time four day participants.

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