What a wonderful father!

Written by Dave Mercer on October 5, 2010

Ok so I gotta be honest we have no idea whether this story is true or just one of those web hoax’s that floats around the world wide web. But we are anglers and since when has any angler let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

You may be forgiven for thinking that any man would look proud after catching a large barracudaas he poses with the fish and his 14 year-old daughter at the marina afterwards.

Then you may wonder why his daughter looks less than thrilled.
14 year old Coral Wira was sitting in a boat while her father fished. Suddenly she saw a silver flash in the air. The barracuda had thrown the hook and grabbed her arm. Father managed to kill the fish with a knife in the head.

But Coral, needed 51 stitches. And he felt the need to pose for photos before taking her to hospital!

Leave a comment and let us know if you think this is legit or a web hoax?

  • Samantha Coulombe
  • Samantha Coulombe
  • FissionChad

    I remember reading this in the Toronto Sun a few months back and thinking what a fool.

  • Lindamtasa

    That dad needs to check his priorities. Daughter should have been more important.

  • sly

    well i have to say that today anything is posible. but that was fast thinking on her dad. But i have to say he does not look like a nurvise guy. if that was my girl i would not be smilling.


  • Matt Daub

    Nasty, Something similar happened to my son but it was only a 1lb perch….

  • Victoria Simpson6

    this father should be nominated for idiot of the year.