Shhh, it’s a Secret

Written by Dave Mercer on October 19, 2010

Ok, not exactly the secret you thought we were talking about, sorry guys.  No, we’re talking Secret Lakes.  In tackle shops worldwide people tell stories of “secret lakes”.  They always have tons of HUGE fish and no one knows where they are!  It’s enough to make any fish crazed person go a little squirrely!  Well here’s a few tips on how to find and catch fish in your own “Secret Lake”.

Finding Your “Secret Lake”:

A lot of lakes and small ponds are right beside roads & highways.  These rarely get any fishing pressure and are easily accessible for everyone.  If that’s too easy, try using Google Maps.  Look at satellite photos and find those hidden gems.  Small boats, Canoes and belly boats are all great ways to get on the water.  Try to stay quiet because you will see a lot more wildlife and it will let you sneak up on the fish.  Fishing from shore can still be productive but make sure you know which land is public and which is private.    Not every lake you fish will be great so keep trying different lakes until you find fish.

Catching Fish On your “Secret Lake”:

Normally a medium to medium heavy spinning rod is perfect but if your area typically has bigger fish, go with a stiffer rod.  A Glass Ghost colored x-rap, several bags of Sinkworms (in your favorite color) and 7″ weedless rigged Power Worm are the essential 3 baits you’ll need.  With these baits you will be able to fish all different depths, structures and species of fish.  A key to fishing in the cool weather of fall is to make sure you really slow your retrieve down.  Match the hatch too, try big baits because all the bait fish have grown over the summer.  The next step is to fish structure!  Fallen trees, weeds and lily pads are all great fish producers but don’t forget any rocks!  The water will be warmer around the rocks and this warmer water can produce some great fall fishing! Last but not least, go with a good friend or family member because a day fishing on YOUR “Secret Lake” will never be forgotten.

Let us know if you’ve done any back country fishing or if you would suggest another bait for people to take on their “secret lake” search!