Killer Hail! Help Protect our Finned Friends!

Written by Dave Mercer on October 22, 2010

In the Kansas City area recently “extreme hail from thunderstorms killed local fish”.  So much hail fell that the water temperature dropped too quickly killing local catfish, bass, bluegill and carp.  We here at the Facts of Fishing Headquarters are trying to figure out how to protect our finned friends and the best way we know to warm things up is with body heat…  Polar Bear swim anyone?

Or maybe not…

See Press for the full story:

“I’ve never seen this happen before, and I’ve been at this for 24 years,” said Jake Allman, a fisheries biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The hail fell when microburst thunderstorms rolled across the metro area, downing power lines and trees. Hail stones more than five inches in diameter were reported in some places, according to the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill. The hail accumulated deep enough in places to prompt snow plows to clear streets, a meteorologist said.

Hail fell so thick in one Kansas City, North, neighborhood that it caused a sudden water temperature change that killed catfish, bass, bluegill and carp in a park lake at the city’s Lakewood Greenway, Allman said. The hail may have also caused problems for fish elsewhere.