Ice Fishing Can Be HOT!

Written by Dave Mercer on November 30, 2011

As the temperature slowly starts to drop, some of us up north are faced with the sad reality that our once sparkling lakes will soon be hard & ice covered. However, proving once again that anglers can not be stopped, our for fathers figured out a way to hack, dig or drill their way through the ice and still keep catching fish. On that day ice fishing was invented. I grew up doing a ton of ice fishing, however there has always been one thing that I have hated about ice fishing & winter in general……THE COLD! Most people think because I live in Canada that I would not mind the cold. No way!! My inner wimp wins this war every time; I hate the cold.

After watching this video sent to me from one of our great facebook fans, I realized you don’t have to get cold when ice fishing anymore; well kind of ice fishing………..OK, not really ice fishing but its Brazil’s version of ice fishing and its AWESOME!

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  • Drimmetool

    Thats the prettiest catfish I have ever seen!  Thats the only ice fishing I would do!  I also hate the cold!

  • SiToNiTt

    Can’t wait 2 hit the ice after all we are Canadian

  • Christopher Barr

    That is unreal!