Bass Can’t Eat You!

Written by Sarah on April 4, 2011

This is Why I Fish for Bass

OK, so you’re 50 miles off the Texas coast, fishing for red snapper, and suddenly there’s mako shark about the size of Andre the Giant flopping around at your feet, jaws a-snapping. Not a good scene, in my humble estimation. The news source seems to blame the shark’s over-eager ascent of the chum line, but might it have been something else? Maybe that Hydrowave “electronic feeding stimulator” that KVD and Jeff Kriet recently brought to market?

Have you ever had a fish jump in the boat?

If one did, would your biggest concern be whether you had the appropriate permit, as it seems to have been in this case, or would it have been the possibility that Mr. Mako’s teeth might connect with one of your more sensitive body parts?

This blog was written by Facts of Fishing blogger Pete Robbins.

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  • Christopher Barr

    I’d cut my line as soon as I saw that brute…!!! :S

    Chris (The Ottawa Valley ON.)