Alien Fish???

Written by Dave Mercer on November 3, 2010

So after the crazy car find story from yesterday it got me thinking what are some of the craziest things anglers have ever claimed to catch? Well, this next story has got to be one of the strangest. However, I have to warn you the music in this video is among the most annoying I have ever heard so you may want to turn the volume down.

So here is there story: from

Village residents from the Rostov region of Russia caught a weird creature two years ago after a strong storm in the Sea of Azov. The shark-looking creature was producing strange squeaky sounds. The fishermen originally believed that they had caught an alien and decided to film it with the help of a cell phone camera. The footage clearly shows the creatures’ head, body and long tail. The bizarre catch was weighing almost 100 kilograms, the Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

However, ufologists and scientists were greatly disappointed when they found out that the fishermen had eaten the monster. They said that they were not scared of the creature so they decided to use it as food. One of the men said that it was the most delicious dish he had ever eaten.

Too bad those Russian dudes did not take a few minutes and Google their catch. If they had they would have quickly learnt that they did not catch ET, Alf , Mork from Ork or any other type of alien. What they caught is a Guitarfish.

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  • Shawn Beaumont

    Hey Dave I caught a 6lb black pacu out of a resivior in southern ontario I thought it was a pirahna but the newspaper called the university of Guelph who confirmed it was a black pacu thing fought like crazy .

  • Crazzyjunior

    Definitely creepy looking though…

  • Comeau1

    the KGB is looking for you!