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Tiny Fish But a Big Lesson!

July 19th, 2013

It seems that us Anglers are obsessed with big fish. No matter where you fish or what you fish for, it’s all about catching the biggest fish. Don’t believe me? Then think about all the fish you have ever caught. Chances are the ones you remember the most are also the biggest. Well, I can [...]

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This Shark Rocks!

January 13th, 2012

I saw this cool picture on one of my favorite fishing sites & had to share it with you guys!

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Ice Fishing Can Be HOT!

November 30th, 2011

As the temperature slowly starts to drop, some of us up north are faced with the sad reality that our once sparkling lakes will soon be hard & ice covered. However, proving once again that anglers can not be stopped, our for fathers figured out a way to hack, dig or drill their way through [...]

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Big Man in the Boat

October 13th, 2011

Who knew? Three time All-Pro defensive tackle Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots, owner of a Super Bowl ring, is an avid angler. At a recent charity event for a teammate’s foundation ( – cool outdoor stuff, check ‘em out), the game of the day was sporting clays, but Wilfork spent most of his [...]

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Toothy Critters

October 12th, 2011

Should I be worried? I’m headed to Brazil in just about a month to chase and hopefully capture big peacock bass. If I want to get really greedy, I’ll let you in on the fact that I’m particularly excited about catching a few on topwater baits. All was going well – I’d gotten my yellow [...]

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