VERY, VERY, VERY Fresh Fish For Dinner?

Written by Dave Mercer on October 27, 2010

Ok so everyone loves fresh fish for dinner but this is taking it way too far. This restaurant in Taiwan serves Carp and it’s still alive!

  • Performancepc

    Its is an odd way of preparing a dish in western culture, but it really is not all that uncommon in the eastern culture. For those that want to bash carp as a garbage fish, please give the fish a try, it really is a pretty good tasting fish.

  • Guest

    Hey they said it is in Taiwan! :-)

  • factsoffishing

    Thanks your right it is Taiwan we fixed it

  • Amazing_rider

    and very fun to catch if you know all the tips and tricks

  • Lincoln G

    Let's embrace cross-cultural differences and apply this to our not-so-friendly, flying invader. Fun thought.