This one will register

Written by Sarah on September 13, 2011

Over the years, less-than-scrupulous angler wannabes have developed all sorts of ways to cheat in tournaments. Fortunately, many if not most of them have been caught. When they are caught, justice is often swift – rumor has it that the criminals would typically prefer to deal with law enforcement authorities than with an angry mob of fishermen who’ve just been the victims of an attempted fleecing.

But if big cash money is your goal and you don’t have the requisite fishing skills, it appears that you no longer need to cheat to bring home the bacon. Just fish in the pond next to Chelsea Place Apartments in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

While fishing there last week, a 23 year old man found his line attached to a heavy but movable (and inanimate) object. It turned out to be a cash register (c

Being a good citizen, he turned it into the police.

No word on whether this is the catch of a lifetime or if the honest dude has figured out a pattern that will enable him to catch more of these wily specimens. No word on how much moola was in it, either.

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  • Simrebel

    must of been using some heavy braid to pull it in lol