This Guy Is a Fish Catching Freak!

Written by Dave Mercer on May 7, 2010

By Dave Mercer

Okay, so we don’t often post tournament results on our blog but this is a little different. All we can say is Holy #$%@#$!!  Skeet Reese has been a fish-catching Freak on this year’s Bass Master Elite Series and I know what you’re thinking.. Oh Boy, big deal. Just another pro having a good year. No, this is way bigger than that!  You know when you hear little kids say, “I can do that blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back”? I think it’s Skeet who they were talking about all these years and that is just about the only way to explain how amazing his season has been.

So far this season, Reese finished 2nd at the California Delta, 5th at Clear Lake, he won Smith Mt., then finished 5th at Pickwick last Sunday. He currently enjoys a commanding 153-point lead in the Toyota Tundra BASS Angler of the Year race and dominates the BassFan World Rankings.

One of Skeet’s sponsor’s Lazer TroKar Hooks did an ad campain around him this year that stated “it’s not about fishing it’s about dominating.” Well one thing is for sure, Skeet has taken their word very, very seriously. He is on the verge of an unheard of 5 straight tour level top 5′s and we may just be watching the most dominate season in bass fishing history!!

But I can’t let him take all the credit to himself. Many people may not know that there is a Facts of Fishing tie into this awesome story but there is and since I feel the need to take credit for the amazing feats others do since I lack a few feats of my own I will share it with you.  You see, this last year at ICAST, the big fishing trade show where all the fishing industry grand poobas get together each year to reveal their hot new products. Lazer TroKar hooks had a fishing tornament, The TroKar Disney Lakes Pro/Am. Although that event only lasted 1hr and 40min before it was stopped due to bad weather and the fact that dinner was ready. Something special happened – I beat Skeet! That’s right, I beat Bassmater Classic Champion Skeet Reese. Now many may have seen this as just anouther event I have to believe that deep within the bowels of Skeet’s brain that loss still burns and has pushed him to achive the amazing things he has been doing this year, lol!

While finishing this blog I received a call from the host of The World’s Greatest Fishing Show (a statment I take issue with) and ESPN’s very own Mark Zona. It’s Marks job to travel with all the pros and cover these events and I ran my theory past him and he simply said, ” Many may feel that Skeet is drawing his motivation from his Angler of the Year loss to Kevin VanDam last year but all of us have always known while that may be part of it there has to be something deeper, something that drives him even more. While Skeet has never said it was his loss to Dave at the TroKar Disney Lakes Pro/Am  you can see it in his eyes… some pain goes unspoken.”

The opinions expressed in this blog may not be that of Skeet Reese’s or by anyone else that knows what they are talking about.