The Worst Fishing Job Ever!

Written by Dave Mercer on February 24, 2011

Ok, so the behind-the-scenes of any fishing show can be pretty funny. I know while shooting Facts of Fishing we have a blast. First of all our whole team is made up of hardcore anglers so the goal with every shoot is to get the show shot so we can put all the gear & cameras away and all start fishing; not just me. However, like every job our camera guys sometimes want to whine about the tough conditions they have to work under like rain, snow, ice, cold, heat or worst of all, having to get the low angle shot of me after I had Mexican food for dinner the night before lol.  They have to deal with all of this while trying to avoid getting a hook stuck in their face from one of my wayword hook sets at the same time as they are focusing on getting a great shot. Well, I just saw this video from Field & Stream and let me tell you – the Facts of Fishing crew has got it easy! I would never make any of them do this. Check this video out – it’s crazy!!!

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  • patrick

    holly thats cool……

  • Christopher Barr


  • Shawn McCaul

    To call conditions tough is to almost accept defeat. To call conditions challenging is to let those conditions know that you are up for them and you will NOT back down. In my world not rain, snow, ice, wind, rough waters, or my wife will stop me from hookin’ up my boat to the back of my truck and continuing on my endless persuit of “THE BIG ONE”. Preparation for the days upcoming conditions are key. The most common of ways is to dress properly. Common sense usually hooks me up pretty good here. When it comes to my wife, well to be honest, it cost me a new pair of shoes. I love fishing, she loves shoes. She owns ALOT of shoes. I call this adapting to your conditions. To you camera guys- dont let conditions be the cause of a whine or a cry. I say tuck in your womanly parts and suck it up!!! The next time you`re out in less than ideal conditions when it comes to gettin` hooked accidentally by the host remember- chicks dig scars. Next time out maybe it`s cold, or there`s lightning, or maybe Dave had an extra helping of the refried beans for dinner last night, know this- to die doing something that you love is the best way to go. Think about this. Dying while on a fishin adventure somewhere sounds kind of cool. Dying in your sleep, not so cool. How do you want to be remembered? DARING, ADVENTUROUS, MANLY!! Or all we have to remember him by is this baby soother and a dvd of You Got Mail. I say the next time you see a mako shark attacking a sail fish, dive in, go for the shot, dont be a woosie. I go to the school of JP Derose and i learned there that mako sharks dont even like the taste of camera men. Though i faintly remember something about vibrations, emitting electrical pulses and looking like a seal…ah whatever. After all of this if you still feel like putting in a complaint about the less than perfect conditions, please place it in the complaint box which is located 15 feet off the back of the boat.