The PGA Tour’s Best Fishing Holes

Written by Dave Mercer on May 5, 2010

OK so nobody around our office spends much time on a golf course but this little bit of info may just change our mind. Who knows maybe we can get John Daly and Dave to hook up and do a show. Now that show would be a blast!

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This week’s Players’ Championship at Pete Dye’s inimitable Sawgrass is unofficially known on the PGA Tour as “the fifth major.” But for some tour players the event has become known for something else: as a place where they can score a trophy bass.

A few years ago, as he approached the Par 5, 16th hole at Sawgrass during the tournament’s first practice day, Briny Baird gazed at the three-acre pond that runs down its right-hand side. The sight proved irresistible. As other tour players worked out the kinks in their swings, Baird decided to take a few casts into the pond with a rod he stowed away in his bag for that purpose.

“I moved off the green because I saw a golfer coming,” says the 11-year tour veteran.

But Baird couldn’t resist a cast. And he happened to hook a big fish. The golfer behind him, Tim Petrovic, arrived at the green just in time to help Baird haul in a seven-pound largemouth bass.

Baird has also fished from the green on the 17th at Sawgrass, the island Par 3 that’s arguably the most famous hole in golf. “Fishing is a little harder to pull off there,” he says, “because you always have golfers waiting on the tee.”

To get around that Baird says he usually returns to the hole in the late afternoon, when most golfers have left the course. He slings casts right from the green. “There are some huge bass in that pond,” he says. And there’s plenty of room for your backcast.