Spin Doctors

Written by Sarah on February 28, 2011

Spin Doctors

As I relived the magic of the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on ESPN2 today, I was struck by a number of things — KVD’s confidence, the vastness of the Louisiana Delta, Robbie Floyd’s artful use of hair gel — but the image that struck me as oddest was the footage of Mike Iaconelli’s 2003 Classic win on the Delta.
They showed Ike’s original “never give up” (or is that “NEVER GIVE UP”???) moment, the one which galvanized his TV persona, but it wasn’t Mike’s histrionics that made it most notable for me — it was the fact that he caught the winning fish on a SPINNING reel.
We don’t have to take away his man card quite yet. After all, he caught many if not most of his fish in that tournament on regular old baitcasting equipment. And of course there remain many techniques where spinning tackle is still preferred, if not required — shakey heading, dropshotting, etc. But as far as I can remember (and I had a few too many Hurricane’s to drink on Sunday night), I don’t recall seeing a single spinning rod in the 2011 Classic. I sat in the Tank Pond area of Cataouatche (which I can now spell in my sleep) for all three competition days and no spinning gear. Much of that time was spent watching Aaron Martens, nicknamed “Spin” by some of his left-coast homies, and I never saw him with anything but baitcasting gear.
Was this a one-off tournament where spinning gear wasn’t appropriate? Is it no longer cool to use the old eggbeater whenever a power fishing approach will suffice? What say you “Facts of Fishing” fans, did the boys in the Classic miss the boat?
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  • http://www.brookfieldangler.com BrookfieldAngler.com

    HA! It doesn’t matter if he used a Zebco 33, a win is a win. Maybe it was his lucky reel? Maybe sponsors were trying to push some spinning gear?

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=924&id=500721059&l=3332e0ba4e Christopher Barr

    I dont know man… I’ve always used spinning reels, all my friends use spinning reels, the odd one has a baitcaster, but switches it up every 2nd time he goes fishing, so whats a guy gonna do?! Stick with what you know. Maybe he bored of the bait caster. I will be consintrating on being a better baitcaster master this year, but i’m still going to use my spinning reel tons.


    I’m sure everyone in the tourny used their prefered rod and reel, but they were also probably presured by sponsors to use a certain rod and reel and was undoubtedly the case…


    (The Ottawa Valley ON.)

  • kenya

    dat iz so freackin kewl;) lyke awesome