Some BassZone Ink

Written by Dave Mercer on November 28, 2011

As most of you know when I am not on the water yelling crazy stuff at fish while shooting Facts of Fishing,  I have another job. I yell crazy stuff at other people’s fish as the Bassmaster Classic & Elite Series emcee. Which really just goes to prove how wrong my high school guidance counselor was telling me that my big mouth would just get me trouble lol! Well, not only does my big mouth keep me employed but it just gave me the opportunity to do an interview with one of my favorite websites

The whole crew at Bass Zone does an awesome job and it was a blast doing this interview with my buddy Matt Pangrac. But maybe I talked too much because he had to make it a 2 part interview. Please check it out at

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  • Bass Spotter

    Ha ha ha…Dave looks like he got so hungry again when he saw Kevin’s basses…