Pick me, Pick me!

Written by Dave Mercer on October 13, 2010

3000 sharks are to be caught and released off the Great Barrier Reef to determine if these great predators are being over harvested.  When everyone here at the Facts of Fishing Worldwide Headquarters heard this we all instantly raised our hands and yelled, PICK ME, PICK ME!!  We can definitely help them catch at least 1 or 2 thousand…  The only problem is Dave gave his boat away and we don’t know if Raft Fishing would be a good idea!?

Check out Cairns.com to learn more:

Scientists from James Cook University will carry out the three-year project, the largest of its kind carried out in 20 years, to determine how to balance shark fishing with supporting stocks in northern waters.

JCU fisheries researcher Andrew Tobin said the project was a necessary step for the long-term sustainability of both the sharks and the fishery.

“Sharks are harvested because shark fillet, often sold as flake, is an important and valuable product within the domestic seafood trade,” Dr Tobin said.

“However, we also need to maintain healthy shark populations because they are important for keeping marine ecosystems in balance.”

The large-scale tag and release exercise will target key species including black tipped reef sharks, spot-tail shark, milk sharks, and scalloped hammerheads, with more than 20 other species to be also caught.