My Quest For A Giant Rainbow!

Written by Dave Mercer on May 29, 2010

Okay, so I know that every time we all head out on the water we are hoping to catch a giant fish! But really, how often do you have the chance at a real giant fish? I’m not just talking about a big fish; I’m talking about a true freak-of-nature, jaw-dropping, world record fish! The answer is not really that often but I had that chance this past week. I hooked up with Adam and Sean Konrad from and let me tell you, these dudes know how to find and catch giant freaky fish. They own like 10 world records between the two of them and I have a feeling that they will be adding a bunch more in the future. Many of you may be thinking, why are these guys catching so many monster fish? I will tell you why- because thats all they fish for. We spent two days fishing Lake Diefenbaker and the area was loaded with all kinds of fish. But all kinds of fish is not what we were fishing for. We wanted one of the rare, massive rainbow trout that this lake is famous for and that’s what we fished for. We used only the techniques that would catch such a beast. At anytime we could have changed up what we were doing and started catching tons of smaller fish but that’s not why we flew all the way out to Saskatoon. That is also not how the Konrad twins have caught all their world records. These guys are no different than a home run hitter, they swing for the fences every single time. Bunting is not an option for these guys and catching a few small fish to pass the time just seems like a wasted opportunity to catch another giant.

So on this trip we stood in the cold wind and rain for two days and nights and swung for the fences every moment we were on the water. It was all about catching a giant fish. We worked our #$%^* off and did everything we could to catch the freaky fish I had traveled all the way out there to see. On the last night of our quest for a giant rainbow the rain started to pelt down on us harder and harder then finally a lighting storm called an end to our shoot and we struck out! Two days and not one bite but that is what it takes to catch giants – you have to be willing to get skunked. Not many people have the kind of drive and work ethic these two fishing geeks have and that’s why not many people have as many world records as these guys.

Am I bummed that for the first time ever in the history of the Facts of Fishing we did not get a show done on a trip? No. I’m more pissed at the fish and I can’t wait to get back there and swing for the fences again later this year. If catching fish like these guys catch was easy, everyone would do it and the beating that we took while in Saskatoon is only going to make it a little more special when I go get my shot at one of the freaky, giant rainbows. One thing that I can tell you is you know you are hanging with good guys when you stand in the cold, wind, rain and even a bit of snow for two days without a bite but you are still laughing the whole time. Thanks Adam, Sean and Matt.

One last thing happened on this trip that made me believe the big guy up stairs has a great sense of humor. While driving back to our Cabin at about 1:30 AM on the final night of our trip after being forced off the water with terrential rain and a lightning storm, we looked up in the sky and saw something none of us have ever seen at night before. I giant rainbow! That’s right. I said a GIANT RAINBOW right there in the sky in the middle of the night. I did not even know it was possible to have a rainbow at night but that night we all saw one. So I guess I did get a giant rainbow on this trip but next trip I hope I will get the slimy kind – LOL!