Large Mouth Pike?

Written by Dave Mercer on January 13, 2011

This picture really makes you think about the old theory  of “Big Baits Catch Big Fish”. I can’t count the number of times I have shown someone an 8 or 10 inch swimbait only to have them laugh at me and say it’s way too BIG! Well if you ask this Pike there is no such thing as too big!

This picture is courtesy of our buddy’s at one of the coolest fishing sites online if you have not been there yet check it out.

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  • Alex Mcphie

    that is freakin crazy! gotta love pike fishin’

  • Jeremy

    I throw large lures all the time, mostly because I’m a Musky Nut. I have caught 5lb+ largemouth numerous times on a dbl blade Cowgirl, thats one huge lure for a Bass that’s for sure!

  • Jumbo Perch

    I Hate Pike!

  • Musky_hunter

    was the fisherman using the drum as bait?

  • Anonymous

    No idea I think he just found it like this. I have seen that a bunch of
    times with Bass in Mexico

  • Randy

    Great show! I catch it whenever I can.
    I want to get your laugh as a ringtone.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks glad you like the show. As far as the laugh ring tone you can download it on the site in the ringtone section. Still shocks me that anyone would want it but it’s there lol.