I Caught A Record Fish……..BURP!!!

Written by Dave Mercer on November 16, 2011

Alright I don’t care where you fish or what you fish for every angler in the world wants to catch the biggest fish. Maybe your goal is to catch the biggest fish of your life or better yet the biggest fish out of your loyal group of fishing buddies or just imagine the biggest fish EVER , that’s right the biggest fish ever….A RECORD fish! What would you do with it? Well your not going to believe what The Sun Newspaper reported this U.K angler did with his record catch

GUTTED angler Kurt Price caught and then ate a huge fish – only to later realise it was a record-breaker.

Kurt, 25, was delighted with the monster sea bass he reeled in while fishing from the shore but never thought it was big enough to be a record.

It was only after he had filleted, cooked and ate it that he researched the record books and realised his catch would have been the biggest of its kind.

The current record for a shore-caught sea bass is 19lb 11oz. Kurt and many fishing experts who have seen the photo of it reckon his one was easily bigger than 20lb.

But he can never be credited with the title because he failed to weigh the fish at the time – and he has since eaten the evidence.

Kurt and friend Kevin Lowcher had been on a weekend fishing trip to Tenby, south west Wales, when he hooked the monster catch.

The pair took it back to the caravan where they were staying and cooked two chunky fillets in thyme, coriander and lemon before eating them with new potatoes and vegetables.

It was only when they returned home and searched the internet that they realised they had probably eaten a record-breaker.

Kurt, a landscape gardener from Cwmbran, Monmouthshire, said: “I caught the fish at about 10pm.

“I knew it was big and spent about ten minutes reeling it in.

“When I landed it we took a photo and we both thought the record was much more than my one. I was convinced the record was closer to 40lb.

“So we took it back to the caravan and the next day we put it in the oven. We then realised just how big it was because its head was the size of a dinner plate.

“It was only when we got home and looked on the internet that we realised it was probably a record.

“I reckon it weighed between 20 and 25lb and other experts who have seen the pictures think so too.

“I’m totally gutted about it.

David Rowe, of the British Records Fish Committee, said Kurt’s catch was probably a record.

He said: “It is difficult to tell exactly how big the fish is by looking at the photo of it.

“But Kurt isn’t holding it away from his body at the camera to make it look bigger.

“It looks like a very big and very fat fish and well within the range of the record. It could be the record.”

The current record for a shore-caught sea bass is held by Stephen Cave who caught a specimen weighing 19lb 11oz 12gr off Sandown, Isle of Wight in 2007.

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