Hook, Line and SUBWAY®

Written by admin on March 31, 2010

March 30th, 2010

Port Perry, ON

Starting April 5th, 2010 fishing fans will have a chance to hook the catch of a lifetime at participating Ontario Subway® restaurants with the Hook, Line and SUBWAY® contest. This 13-week contest will award weekly prizes from great companies like Shimano, Berkley, Rapala, Fuji and Bass Pro Shops. But the ultimate prize? Dave Mercer’s very own bass boat! A Skeeter FX20 equipped with the brand new 250hp Yamaha VMAX SHO worth over $75,000.00.  This is the actual boat that Dave uses every week on his television show, Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing® THE SHOW.

Lucky fishing fans simply have to visit a participating SUBWAY® restaurant, enjoy a Fresh Value Meal®, complete a ballot and they could find themselves reeling in this dream boat.

“I don’t know if this makes SUBWAY® restaurants the best sponsor or worst sponsor I could have,” Mercer said jokingly. “Because they are actually giving away my boat. I mean, I’ve seen contests similar to this in the past where companies gave away a replica prize of some sort. But this is actually MY boat! Winning this boat will truly be a dream come true for one lucky angler and its amazing to have such a great companies supporting our sport.

Hook, Line and SUBWAY® runs April 5th to July 5th, 2010 at all participating Ontario SUBWAY® restaurants. So make sure to get in and Hook, Line and SUBWAY® yourself a new boat!

Click here for Rules and Regulations

About SUBWAY® restaurants:

Founded in 1965, the SUBWAY® restaurant chain is the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise, with more than 31,000 locations, individually owned and operated by local entrepreneurs in 90 countries.

With regional offices in Amsterdam, Beirut, Brisbane, Canada, Miami, and Singapore, the SUBWAY® restaurant chain first began franchising in 1974 and opened its first international location in Bahrain in 1984.

  • mikesloan

    I was just wondering, It reads no purchase nessary? How do I do that?

  • http://twitter.com/CoolHayward Maxwell Hayward

    To obtain a ballot without purchase of a FRESH VALUE MEAL® or SUBWAY® products, please send a self addressed postage-stamped envelope to 26 Duncan Street. Toronto Ontario M5V 2B9 Attn. SUBWAY®. A contest ballot will be mailed to the participant to be completed. Once completed, the participant can either mail the ballot to Cundari (26 Duncan Street. Toronto Ontario M5V 2B9, or drop off the ballot in a ballot box at their local SUBWAY® restaurant. The ballot request must be received no later than June 30, 2010 to allow time for delivery of the ballot.

  • http://www.factsoffishing.com dave

    Thanks for getting that info on there for me Maxwell

  • gordonwatts

    I got the value meal at the subway in Brampton,The girl then gave me the ballot for your contest, The skill testing question is wrong,i can't take 55 away from 50.Please have a look and let ne know,THX GK WATTS

  • factsoffishing

    Thanks for the message Gordon it becomes -5

  • factsoffishing

    Just go in and ask for a ballot.

  • Janesy

    Is Home Hardware a sponsor of this promotion at all?

  • factsoffishing

    No Home Hardware is not part of The Hook, Line & Subway Contest.

  • Fullerwendy

    Dave, almost ran into you at the Subway Shop… scared the hell out of me!!!
    Your poster is tooo cool… hope all are well… Wendy

  • factsoffishing

    All is great I hope you entered! Good luck

  • emcrob

    Hey Dave,

    Since you are going to be here in Kingston next weekend, you can just drop your boat off at my place while you are here…. :)

  • factsoffishing

    If you win I would love to drop it off to you. Hope to see you when
    I'm in Kingston for The Canadian Open of Fishing

  • Slcocetti

    So when do you start handing out the prizes?

  • factsoffishing

    We have been handing out weekly prizes all along and the boat draw
    will take a few more weeks. So please stay tuned.

  • Slcocetti

    But isn't that cutting into my fishing time with your boat?? just kidding thanks

  • Tobe

    who’s going to pay the HST when I register it? And are you going to fill it up before delivering it to my house or cheap out and deliver it dry?

  • Mcote68

    What about your fans in the US Dave? Any contests we can enter? Love the show!

  • Wantalunker

    hey what a bummer I watch/record your program (WFN) but I live in northern California so I dont get a chance to win THE BOAT.

  • James

    Hey Dave when are you going to be drawing a winner for the Hook Line & Subway boat l think all your fans are wanting to see who`s the lucky fishermen to win your boat!

  • Janesy

    GREAT, just wanted to mke sure I have a chance at the boat!

  • chad

    Hey I better win that boat ,do you know how many damn subs I ate!

    Chad, ottawa

  • factsoffishing

    Stay tuned we will be posting info in the next few weeks

  • Anonymous

    Stay tuned we will have some coming up

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking I will leave it bone dry lol!

  • factsoffishing

    Stay tuned we will be drawing the winner soon.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for being such a great fan of the show. Sorry but stay tuned we
    will have some U.S contests in the future.

  • Mm

    Has the draw been made? Who is the winner?

  • factsoffishing

    The draw has been made and will be announced soon stay tuned for the
    winners name.

  • Slcocetti

    were waiting!!!

  • factsoffishing

    You will have to wait a couple more weeks for the annoucement

  • Rescuejeff

    If the draw was done at 2 p.m. on July 30th then why is there a 2 week delay before we find out the grand prize winnner and the remaining 48 secondary prize winners?

  • factsoffishing

    Due to legal reasons we have to wait a few weeks. Stay tuned for the

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Goodrick/100000009061119 James Goodrick

    I just wanted to know who won Dave's boat???

  • factsoffishing

    Anyday now

  • Redz80

    how about now?

  • factsoffishing

    The winner will be announced Friday, Aug, 27th here at factsoffishing.com

  • Mr_mark111

    Hey Dave. Not all Subway locations are particiapting. I bought a few fresh value meals and never received an entry.

  • factsoffishing

    The contest is over now so that is most likley why. Sorry

  • Slcocetti

    Dave what happened you haven't called me yet to pick up the boat!!

  • factsoffishing

    Go to http://www.factsoffishing.com this Friday at 1pm to find out who the
    winner is maybe it is you!

  • FisherGurl

    When will you declare the winner?

  • Wondering

    where do I fine the results?

  • factsoffishing
  • factsoffishing

    We did on Aug 27th

  • C Corey

    Well well here we are still hearing the promo’s but my local subway knows nothing about this ….what a scam is my guess

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a scam why would we advertise a scam??? Where is you local Subway?