He Saved Our Plastic Worms, Expensive Musky Baits & Flip Flops

Written by Sarah on March 30, 2011

When it comes to recognizing the people who make the sport of fishing great, we’re all over the big guns. But sometimes we forget about the “little guys” who make a solid difference in our day-to-day angling lives. After all, who knows the name of the inventor of the Vienna Sausage or the foot-controlled trolling motor? Who was the first guy to pour a merthiolate trick worm or create a “taco salad” colored crankbait?

That’s why I think it’s important that we all take a moment out of our days to silently observe last week’s passing of Harry Coover at the age of 94. Coover, you may not be aware, invented Super Glue. Without it, how many plastics would have had to be thrown away after a single fish? Could you have salvaged that favorite pair of flip flops that threatened to come apart. One part duct tape, one part finger-sticker-together, it’s a critical part of your tackle box.


Please leave a comment & let use know your super glue story’s or tell us how super glue has helped you while fishing.

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