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Written by Dave Mercer on March 8, 2011

Ish Monroe= Nice Guy

Try to find a photo of Ish Monroe where he isn’t smiling or on the verge of breaking out into a smile. I dare you. The photogenic fisherman and promoter should add Colgate to his list of sponsors. I found out this weekend that his happiness isn’t a facade, either. After doing a good deed that most would avoid, he has every reason to feel good about himself.
We’d been playing phone tag for a few days and he finally caught up with me Saturday morning as he drove from the Beaver Lake FLW to Florida to fish the first Elite Series event. I was interviewing him about crankbaits, tungsten, frogs, all of that good stuff, when all of a sudden he said, “Pete, I’ll call you back in a few minutes” and hung up the the phone. Had I insulted his favorite frog color? Told him that his truck didn’t have a high enough lift kit?
On the contrary, Ish had noticed a fellow angler pulling a bass boat stopped on the side of the highway — so he stopped to check on him.
Think about it — he’s probably had 20 hours of sleep in the past week, been standing in the bitter cold fishing a grub in 800 feet of water, now he’s gotta switch gears to Florida fishing (and the inevitable cold front that’ll show up. He had every excuse not to stop, but he did it anyway.
Now think about it from the broken down dude’s perspective. Can you imagine, you’re heading to your Saturday derby, someplace in Tennessee or Alabama or wherever, and you get a flat or some similar problem? You’re cursing your bad luck when all of a sudden an Elite Series pro pulls over to offer assistance. How do you react? What do you say? Do you have the presence of mind to ask for tips on your favorite lake? Now that we know Ish is a good apple, which other pro do you think is most likely to stop? Which one is most likely to blaze on by?
Turned out it wasn’t a big deal and Ish and I resumed our interview 5 minutes later. Still, he gets the Tour-level good Samaritan award this week.
This was written by another good guy Facts of Fishing blogger Pete Robbins.

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  • Andy Whitcomb

    Yup. Big Ish fan. He was my first pro angler interview. Very patient with some rather goofy questions.