Going to need a bigger bowl

Written by Dave Mercer on September 9, 2010

We here at the Facts of Fishing Worldwide Headquarters have spent years gawking at koi ponds in zoos and restaurants.  It’s probably good we didn’t see this fish or we definitely would have had a rod in our hands!

Thanks to www.totalprosports.com for this golden article:

Raphael Biagini took ten minutes to reel in this monster during a fishing trip in France.  At 30 pounds, it is believed to be the largest koi carp ever caught.  Once Raphael took some time to catch his breath and take a picture with his catch, he was forced to release the giant gold fish.  Why would he do such a thing you might ask?  Simple.  He didn’t have a big enough bowl to keep it in.

  • Mr_mark111

    Wow. That thing needs a swimming pool!