Getting School’d by a 14ft 500lb Shark

Written by Dave Mercer on May 6, 2010

OK so the picture may suck but what you are looking at is a 14ft long Sawtooth Shark that is connected to the end of one of the brand new Shimano Rods being tested by our boy, J.P DeRose.  As most of you know, J.P hosts the hottest gear show on the water; WFN’s Getting School’d. While down in Key West, Fla testing Shimano’s hot new line up of Rods and Reels he hooked into this beast by mistake while fishing for Blacktip Sharks that they figure weighed around 500lb’s! Oh, just in case you are wondering, the top secret Shimano gear that J.P was testing PASSED!

Editors Note: I’m not very happy to see this fish because I was at the same Shimano meetings the day before J.P hooked into this awesome fish and would have loved to be there to see it.  This is one freaky fish – WTG JP.