A Perfect Day on the Water

Written by Sarah on June 9, 2010

Okay, so you some of you may not know this about me, but outside of my crazy love and passion for the sport of fishing I’m pretty much a sports freak! I love them all – basketball, hockey, football, auto racing, you name it. But one of my favourites is baseball.  And one of the coolest guys in the sport is Roy (Doc) Halladay. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him on a couple of occasions.

The first time was at the Toronto Bass Pro Shops Grand Opening and I couldn’t believe how into the sport of fishing he was. Another time was last year when I through out the first cast at a Jay’s game (click here for video). During the media scrum at that afternoon’s practice, while standing in the middle of the field one of the Toronto Blue Jay’s bat boys comes running up and says, “Hey-I have a question for you from Mr. Halladay.” Of course it was a fishing related question. I answered and these questions went back and forth for several minutes until I think the bat boy was tired of running back and forth between Roy’s warm up dugout and where I was in the field. You see, that’s just how into fishing Doc Halladay is. He knew he couldn’t get to me on the field because of the media, but he still had to talk fishing with me knowing I was in the building.

Roy Halladay got traded to the Philadelphia Phillies and on May 29th in his new uniform, he pitched a perfect game. As a way to celebrate and thank Roy for his awesome efforts, the Phillies wanted to get him a gift. So what do you get the best pitcher in baseball? Well, what else? You hook him up with one of the best bass anglers in the world – Skeet Reese. And that’s exactly what the Phillies did. Click here to watch the video of this presentation.
One of the coolest things about this is not only does Roy Halladay get to fish with Skeet Reese, thousands of baseball fans were exposed to this video promoting our great sport of fishing. So, sometime this November, Roy (Doc) Halladay, the best pitcher in baseball will head out fishing with Skeet Reese, currently the hottest angler on the planet. All I gotta say is that from a guy who has met both of these individuals, not only will that boat be full of talent, it will also be filled up by two of the most kind, genuine and giving people I know.

P.S. Skeet, Doc – if you’re reading this and you’re looking for a third wheel, I’m your man!

  • Charles The Bass Doctor Stuart

    And exactly how much did they both pay you to say that Dave!!! :) LOL

  • factsoffishing

    Do you think they will pay?

  • Lance

    when are you coming to alabama?

  • factsoffishing

    Sorry nothing booked yet but when we do book it we will post it on the

    Where's Dave section of our site. I hope I can meet you when I'm there.