Written by Dave Mercer on October 7, 2010

You hear the words, fight!, and usually a bunch of people come running.  Well this isn’t about a typical, knock’em down drag’em out fight.  When two Australian men decided to drink some wobbly pops and fight, they didn’t pull any punches.  Nope, one of these men decided to pull a sword.  Not just any sword either, one off a SWORDFISH!   We here at the Facts of Fishing Headquarters want to remind people, fish are for catching, not weapons!

From Fishing

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report, a man resorted to using a swordfish bill as a weapon to attack his friend during a drunken fight in Victoria this week.

The report said the pair, aged 40 and 50, had been drinking into the early hours last Wednesday at the younger man’s house in Colac. Shortly after 1.30am  the older man left the house and returned brandishing a swordfish bill, which he thrust at his foe who was forced to ward off the blows, police said.

Colac detective Mick Palmer said investigators suspect the swordfish skeleton had been kept by the attacker as some sort of trophy.

“The male occupant overpowered him,” detective Palmer told the Herald.

“They were known to each other, had had too much to drink and were old enough to know better.”

Both men suffered minor injuries, with the older man taken to Colac Hospital with facial lacerations.

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