Basshemian Rhapsody

Written by Sarah on May 3, 2011

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality


Sorry to go Barone on you with the lyrics pull, but sometimes it just seems to fit. My questions for you this week, faithful readers, are whether you play Fantasy Fishing and, if so, how do you make your picks?

Other than “KVD and guess four more,” is there any good strategy to picking a fantasy fishing team?

I suppose that insider info is the key. We all think that we know who should do well on a particular body of water and why, but how much do we really know. I mean, you could know that Tommy Biffle is gonna be dominant on his home body of water, but if the Wonder of Wagoner downs a gallon of tainted clam chowder and gets a bad case of the runs, there goes his derby. Similarly, if Skeet or Edwin or KJ breaks down way up the river, their rodeo may be done before it really starts.

It appears that Byron Velvick, currently sitting out the year on a medical exemption, is trying to help those of us without an info pipeline. The Bass-chelor published his picks for this week’s West Point tournament at , and while his insider knowledge seems rock-solid on first glance, I think he falls prey to much of the same guesswork that plagues the rest of us.

For example:

  • He says Alton Jones is due for a fall because “no one can do well all the time,” but apparently the opposite isn’t true, as he thinks Derek Remitz and Terry Butcher will stay mired in mediocrity.
  • He’s favoring “crowd guys” (i.e., anglers like Takahiro, Morizo and John Murray) without any support that the lake will truly fish small. It may end up being that way, but for those of us not-in-the-know, does West Point have a community hole like the tailrace at Pickwick or the Decatur Flats at Wheeler?
  • He says to pick Brent Chapman, because “he’s motivated, and he has the skills,” but that rationale applies to just about anyone in the field
  • He says to avoid Clark Reehm because “he talks too much.” Not sure I can argue with the point, but if the “crowd” theory, described above, then wouldn’t that be an advantage for Clark if he’s in the crowd?

All of his guesses may prove correct and I’ll have egg on my face for doubting him, but as far as I can tell, it’s all guesswork….except for that part about picking KVD come rain or shine. I stand by that piece of advice.

This was written by bass goon &  blogger Pete Robbins

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  • Brentster

    I do fantasy fish, I picked the guys that tend to finish each tournament… with the greatest average… vs. the immortal ones that Win and slide or are working their way out of contention

  • Go_leafs_go1967

    Your a great writer, but lets talk about fishing lures, or fav. fishing holes, or how many years have you been fishing or so many countless topics. I think you need to go out and become a fisherman, then you can relate to all the little details a fishing pro deals with, and give us something to comment about. Queen? Really?. Common dude. Yawn

  • Anonymous

    You are right Pete is a great writer & on we try to cover the whole sport of fishing not just tips or spots but also tournaments. Many of the people that visit this site participate in fantasy fishing tournaments and that is what Pete was writing about in this blog. However your point is well made and we will make sure to add more direct fishing tips in the upcoming weeks. With that being said there is no need to throw out insults and question how much Pete fishes.