100mph Pontoon boat

Written by Dave Mercer on September 24, 2010

What we here at the Facts of Fishing Headquarters want to know is how does it perform in rough water and does it have a livewell?  Considering a quick bass boat is 75-80mph, this pontoon boat is floating!  Always remember your kill switch, life jacket and HELMET!

from Bass Parade.com:

Recently Ken Gouty of Antioch, IL set the world record speed in a pontoon boat: 100 mph, at a recent Lake of the Ozarks (party barge) Shootout last week.

His boat: a 27-foot PlayCraft powered by a 1,200 hp supercharged engine built by Skunkworks Performance Marine. Gouty described the engine as being 540 cubic inches with a quad rotor, or “two blowers on it,” which forces air into the engine like a drag racer.

  • justin

    this is absolutely ridiculous… why would you want to go 100 in a bass boat?

  • JeffG

    Well its a Pontoon boat not a bass boat.

  • Dan masters

    looks like the new facts of fishing team boat for long point area ? looks good and quick ! “Dangerbouy”

  • Bunker "fishn' for a livin'"

    I've been to Lake of the Ozarks and they are “crazy” about and what they do with their boats. This “shootout” at Shooter's 21 has been going on for over 15 years and every year it gets more outrageous. More outrageous!!! Check out “Party Cove” on Lake of the Ozarks. This lake has numerous bass tourneys but the boat traffic is nuts.

    Over 90,000 boats are register on this lake!