BPS Lifetime Socks

Written by admin on January 13, 2010

BPS Lifetime Socks

Ok, so you’re tired of cold wet feet pulling you off the water or ice? Well fire a pair these bad boys on and those days will be a thing of the past. The BPS Lifetime Socks are by far the warmest and most comfortable socks we’ve ever had on and as an extra bonus if you ever wear them out, no matter how bad or far down the road, just return them for a free replacement! We know we’re still trying to make sense of it all too.

Anyway we’ve been wearing these socks for a long time and have yet to take a pair back. So we brought in professor punishment to speed up the process to see just how tough these things really are and what this whole “lifetime” deal is really about.

First things first, how warm do these things keep your feet? Well after comfortably standing in a pile of ice for half an hour we figured Dave would probably rather us be doing something a little more productive (what we did next is our definition of productive…lol). Even when wet these socks keep your feet feeling dry and warm!

Now the fun part…running on pavement would devastate most socks so we tried it to no avail.

And then,

It actually took about 5 minutes of tug of war with the dog (something we do not recommend doing) but eventually we got one to tear!

While these socks are not a renewable dog treat if you do happen to wear them out from normal wear and tear the fine folks at Bass Pro will be more than happy to take them back. Actually more than happy might be a bit of an overstatement; we can only imagine what some peoples socks must come back looking and smelling like, especially considering that the lifetime socks have been available for quite some time. So do your feet a favour and grab yourself a pair of these socks…really what have you got to lose.

·       Full lifetime replacement

·       Double reinforcement in all stress zones

·       Full merino lamb’s wool cushioning throughout

·       Flat toe seem for comfort

·       Elastic arch support zone

·       Snug fitting

·       Color: Grey