Bassmaster Classic Oddball Baits?

Written by Dave Mercer on February 13, 2011

Oddball Baits?

By Pete Robbins

According to the pundits, there are a limited number of ways to win the upcoming Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans: with a soft plastic bait like a craw or creature; a fast-moving vibration bait like a spinnerbait or chatterbait; or hard baits like a lipless crank or a squarebill. With the Delta’s shallow, mucky bottom, no one has mentioned a dropshot, a deep-diving crankbait or a jigging spoon. Those omissions may be justified, but are we missing something that might come into play? Is “conventional wisdom” doomed?
Typically, tournaments are won on something “off the wall” or “outside the box” (two of the most overused terms in fishing, if not the world). Second through tenth may be on the same dominant pattern, but in order to take home the hardware, you usually have to find something different, be it a place or a technique. What oddball techniques could come into play on the Delta?
Will Rojas have Kermit working hard for him?
Will Kriet pull out his squirrelly little finesse worms?
Will Brandon Palaniuk get jiggy with some Idahoan salmon egg imitator that the Cajun bass have never seen before?
What do you think?
Please leave a comment and let us know what you think?
This is yet another blog written by Facts of Fishing blogger Pete Robbins. In this picture Pete’s fish looks really big but it should be noted that Pete has a very small head so it’s most likely what makes the fish look big lol.

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  • Haletraining

    I’m thinking Banjo Minnow.

  • Tgdempsey_2007

    I’m thinking that it will be one of the old standbys-either a jigwith trailer or a medium running crank bait.

  • Edwards

    I think a lake fork magic shad on a flip-shot rig is the ticket

  • Christopher Barr

    I’m sure those pro’s arn’t telling you everything. Everyone has their favorite way to catch fish, like top-water fishing for instance: Last year Dave said to switch one of the 2 hooks with a red hook on your lure. I did that, and scored my biggest smallmouth EVER, and it was caught on the red hook, now it could be just plane jane luck, but I dont care what it was, i’ll pay the extra .50 cents a lure to ensure that a bleeding hook is on that lure!

    Happy Monday fellas (ps Dave: give Pete some credit, it actually looks like a decent size bass:D)

    Chris (The Ottawa Valley ON. Canada)


    Good read brother.