The Shark Cowboy!

Written by Dave Mercer on August 26, 2011

OK, so YouTube has introduced us all to a whole bunch of folks around the world that partake in a whole bunch of crazy talents, pastimes, hobbies & stunts! Well, here is another one.  Erik “The Shark Cowboy” Jacobs and, as his name clearly states, he is a SHARK COWBOY and a pretty famous one. He has been on The Today Show & Jimmy Kimmel LIVE. I had no idea there was such a thing as a shark cowboy until The Shark Cowboy himself showed up as one of my newest followers on twitter (if you ask me that proves he must be a good dude). After seeing his name I had to check out what a shark cowboy was and that is when I saw his video. After watching it I knew I had to share it with you guys. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of The Shark Cowboy?

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  • Batesllc

    Not a long career in this field. Hope he has workers comp insurance. Idiot.

  • Tj Duenorth

    Umm insane…..

  • Sean McGee

    Wow…this guy needs a show on Discovery Channel.

  • Bobbo

    Basking shark harmless but still KOO KOO!

  • Ct1stclass

    He’s an idiot.

  • neilson

    wow, AMAZING to say the least. This guy is pretty…

  • Lance

    Whats the big deal, he jumped on it and swam away. He didn’t ride it or anything, talk about misleading.

  • Anonymous

    How many sharks have you jumped on lol

  • Lance

    You raise a VERY good point :P  lmao. 

    When I read shark cowboy though, it makes it sound like he rides them all the time.  

    Also the species isn’t known for being dangerous.  That being said. It’s still pretty cool.  Because i’ve been in the ocean with some large “non dangerous” creatures and even when you know you are relatively safe, it’s still pretty freaky.  :P

  • Popiemvp5

    wow really!!! jumping on a harmless basking shark?