Squirrel Fishing

Written by Dave Mercer on September 23, 2010

Ok so at one time or another we have all seen one of those over the top hit game shows from Japan. Well check out this episode of BONZAI where they go fishing for squirrels? If you spend anytime hanging out with all of us fishing bums over here at F.O.F you will hear one of us say “there is nothing we will not fish for” but maybe this is a little over the top. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

  • Cmac4445

    Think I need to go try it

  • Ryan Ritter

    HAHAHA I do this off the deck at the lake, honestly the squirrels get really ticked off and frustrated when the nut fights back!

  • MikeL

    What line were they using? Fluro? Was this a drop shot rig?

    Love your show Man!

  • Deeker_560

    This would be something that my husband would do…. after all the biggest “NON” fish he's caught was a Mallard…. thank goodness it wasn't hurt….

    But yeah….. He'll try it.

  • Me

    You should list the Official Squirrel Fishing site since you are using their video: http://www.SquirrelFishing.us

  • factsoffishing

    We had no idea there was such a site