Split Personality

Written by Sarah on September 22, 2011

Little Davey Wolak had a big payday at Lake Champlain this past week, earning $125,000 for his efforts. But in many ways it was a joint effort – not only did is the lake split between New York and Vermont (as well as Canada), but Dave’s 80+ pound catch was part smallmouths and part big old green larry largemouths. That’s $62,500 for those of you counting at home. No need to call a lifeline just yet.

That got me thinking: What if we had tournaments where your catch HAD to be divided among two different species? For example, you could only weigh in 3 largemouths and had to fill out your limit with 2 smallies. Even better, on a lake like Table Rock, you could be forced to bring in a largemouth, a smallmouth, a spot and a meanmouth. As long as I’m going down this path, why limit the fun to just bass?

I seem to remember a few years ago BASS paired bass pros and walleye pros together and made their quest a dual species effort. Each pair was judged on their ability to catch fish of both types. It’s the angling equivalent of “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter.” What is we were to go to a lake and draw the species of interest out of a hat? Crappie and channel cats? Sure. Walleye and yellow perch? No problem. Largemouths and Labrador retrievers – well, that might not work, so let’s limit it to fish exclusively.

What are your thoughts on multi-species tournaments and what would you bid to have Mercer on your squad?

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  • Dave Mercer

    Pete I would love to be on one of those teams as long as I can have Al Lindner as my partner lol.
    Dave Mercer

  • K-mack

    Totally against it but couldn’t agree more w/ Mercer. Al  IS the multi-species man!

  • Clark Reehm

    I know years ago on Lake Wheeler they used to have a multi species tournament similar to the one you are talking about.  I think they called it a “Full House” tournament  Jimmy Mason and Jonathan Newton were regulars and told me about them.  Ultimately, the guys that would go target their 3 largemouth would usually crush those that chased after smallies and spots.

    I have joked around with Kurt Dove about trying to do an ALL smallmouth tournament on Lake Amistad.  I think a specific species tournament on a multi species lake would be a little more interesting especially when it isn’t the dominant species.