Where Smallmouths Go to Park

Written by Sarah on June 29, 2011

I just returned from covering the PAA tournament at Missouri’s Table Rock Lake. Congratulations to veteran pro Stacey King on his start-to-finish victory.

The story that intrigued me the most coming out of the event wasn’t King’s use of oversized worms on offshore structure, but rather where third place finisher Brian Travis caught his fish – in a flooded parking lot. You see, Table Rock is 10 feet high right now (down from a record-setting 20 feet high earlier this spring) and lots of pros were complaining that they couldn’t get to the really good shallow cover because it was too far back in the thick stuff. But Travis found his fish (pardon the atrocious pun) parked where normally cars and trailers would sit.

At Virginia’s Buggs Island Reservoir, under high water conditions I’ve caught fish off of picnic tables and swing sets in local residents’ yards. What’s the oddest piece of cover you’ve ever caught a fish from? (please don’t tell me you landed a crappie from a port-a-jon).

Another cool aspect of Brian’s performance is that his catch wasn’t all largemouths. He was flipping bushes and trees around the perimeter of the parking lot, but every day he weighed in a few smallmouths, and he also caught some spotted bass. He said it was the first time he’d ever flipped up a bunch of smallies. Numerous anglers talked about the huge numbers of crawfish they saw scurrying along the bottom and protruding from the throats of the bass they caught. Apparently those protein-loving smallmouths just followed them up and chowed down.

This blog is courtesy of Pete Robbins, Facts of Fishing blogger and Dave’s buddy!

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