What Would You Do for KVD’s Klondike Bar?

Written by Sarah on August 17, 2011

Last month Bassmaster reported that during the course of a competition day on Wheeler KVD lost a rod/reel combo overboard. When he left the spot, four spectators jumped in trying to retrieve a piece of angling memorabilia.

I thought about this because lately there have been a lot of newsworthy scenes from baseball games played on the news involving foul balls or baseballs tossed into the stands – some where people grabbed them away from little kids, others where generous fans gave the ball to a small child, and, unfortunately, one where a fan plummeted to his death.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never have a Bassmaster Classic trophy on my mantle, but I do have a lot of lures that came from famous anglers — a topwater from AMart, a lipless crank from KVD, even some plastics that Gary Klein discarded during the 2005 Classic. They all remind me of a day on the water with those anglers. But if our sport grows (notice I didn’t say anything about “growing the sport”), what sorts of items will become trendy and valuable? We’ve already seen the proliferation of jersey giveaways. What’s next? Ike’s wristbands? Kriet’s half-eaten potato chips? A Hefty Bag of McClelland’s garbage? Don’t laugh — the day is coming soon that we’ll see this junk on eBay.

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