What Not To Wear!

Written by Dave Mercer on January 28, 2011

Well my big debut as the new Bassmaster Classic & Bassmaster Elite Series emcee on ESPN is coming up in just a few weeks.  I am really amazed by just how much press this gig has gotten me! The crazy thing is I have not even started the job yet; I hope I don’t suck! One of the funniest ones so far showed up on the insideline.net blog and was written by a good friend and a really talented writer, Pete Robbins. Pete tries to answer the age old question that everyone faces on their first day at a new job, ‘What to wear or what not to wear?’ I have to be honest, I really have not thought about it too much yet but after reading this maybe I should. Click here to read this funny story

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  • Bunykinz

    lmfao Dave that was a hilarious story!! cant imagine you in a tux, but cant see you showing up in your shorts either! can understand the panic mode lol