What a Hawg? Hog?

Written by Sarah on September 23, 2011

If you have any aspirations of being a celebrated TV show host like Dave Mercer, you’ve got to get the vocabulary down pronto. Number one thing to learn – a big bass is a “hawg.”

I have no idea if South Carolina angler Wes Covington has any designs on taking over Dave’s show, but he’s a bona fide expert when it comes to hawgs. I mean hogs. While fishing for grouper last week, Covington hooked into what will likely soon be recognized as a new world record hogfish. The name is fitting (“hogfish,” that is, not “Wes,” which I suppose is also a perfectly reasonable choice) as the beast has a snout that looks like it came straight from Porky Pig.

Snout included, Covington’s fish weighed 21-15, 9 ounces more than the existing world record. The fish came out of 180 feet of water, far deeper than most of our porcine friends root around for truffles, slop and other smelly goodies.

That’s all folks!

This blog was written by Pete Robbins, Facts of Fishing blogger and Dave’s buddy.

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