Wanting to go Fishing with Dave?

Written by Sarah on August 16, 2011

All right. As much as I wish I could take everyone fishing, I just can’t. That’s why I’m so excited about this contest. BOATsmart! Canada has actually set it up so I can take at least one of you fishing! And hey, keep in mind the nice thing about fishing with me is that no matter how good or bad the fishing is, you are guaranteed I’m going to bring us a good lunch!

From July 26th until September 24th, 2011 take the BOATsmart! Exam and be automatically entered to win or Enter to Win Now with no purchase necessary! The winner will spend a day on one of Ontario’s fine fishing holes with Dave Mercer.

Please review the Complete Contest Rules and Regulations for full contest details.

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  • Lounsbury_jeff

    cool contest hope to fish with you. you are flipping hilarious

  • Fisherwong

    Ah, man! This contest makes me wish I had waited a year until I got my license! You know, Dave, I’ve been waiting for a contest similar to the one you had when you got 20,000 facebook friends. I’ve been putting together evidence on how I am your biggest fan, such as going on your website to check for updates every day, (besides on vacation) writing a song, heck, I’ve dream’t of fishing with you more than I remember.
    My brother doesn’t like fishing, but he does when he watches you. We were dancing around when you had that huge shark! (He laughs like you too, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    You can still win this one!