Waiting Sucks

Written by Sarah on July 5, 2011

Remember the old Heinz commercials which used the theme of “ANTICIPATION” to describe why their ketchup was so good?

That might’ve flown in 1979, or whenever those pieces debuted, but it’s 2011 now. We’re all about ADHD now – a  population that lives for immediate gratification, wants everything done yesterday and will complain vociferously if you don’t exceed expectations.

That’s why I hate ICAST.

Actually, that’s not true. When I’ve gone to ICAST in the past, it was a great time. Lots of cool new products. Fun people. Free food.

But I’m not going this year, so this is a bad case of sour grapes (not the free food kind). I’ll have to wait to hear what emerges from the show. And then I’ll have to wait even more – weeks or more likely months – for the new products to show up on the shelves. And then I’ll have to wait again to see if the check clears.

I’m sure that a few in-the-know individuals have the lowdown on what we’re going to see, maybe even some prototypes, but my (ahem) good buddy Dave Mercer isn’t returning my calls right now. He’s probably out playing with those goodies as we speak. This does not make Pete happy.

C’mon Dave, how about a few sneak previews. Your 30 bazillion Facebook and Twitter followers can keep a secret. Or better yet, how about a package of goodies sent to your favorite stateside blogger?

This blog was written by Pete Robbins; Dave’s favorite stateside blogger.

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  • Vizsla1

    Hey Pete, if you can’t go, how about sending one of your “patch maggots” as a roving reporter? I will volunteer. Mercer will fess up for the airfare and hotel for it?!?! Won’t he? Live reports from my “tablet”…

  • Pete Robbins

    I love the idea. Mercer will probably have you in the Hangover suite.