UFC Fish Fighter

Written by Dave Mercer on April 27, 2011

So UFC 129 hits Toronto this Saturday & as many of you may know I’m a huge UFC fan. So yes I will be at the fight along with 55,000 other UFC fans. But this site and our TV show is not about UFC it’s about fishing so what does this blog post have to do with fishing? Well as I have always said all cool kids fish & one of the coolest kids in UFC is Josh Koscheck. This past week before UFC fighter Josh Koscheck jumped on a plane to Toronto to attend UFC 129 what did he do? He went fishing and tweeted about it.

JoshKoscheck Great start 2 my day fishing b4 flying…. Now off 2 the airport Toronto, Canada here I come.
Hey Josh the only way to become a little cooler would be to go fishing with me lol.