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Written by Sarah on October 12, 2011

Should I be worried?

I’m headed to Brazil in just about a month to chase and hopefully capture big peacock bass. If I want to get really greedy, I’ll let you in on the fact that I’m particularly excited about catching a few on topwater baits. All was going well – I’d gotten my yellow fever and hepatitis shots, pills for malaria, and medications to prevent the green apple quickstep – then I read the following at UK

“A lake used by swimmers in Brazil has been attacked by piranhas that have injured more than 100 people. Visitors to the inland Barragem do Bezerro dam, close to the town of Jose de Freitas in the Piaui province, were left with bitten heels and toes after the predators attacked due to a lack of food.”

Now first of all, I suppose I should be relieved that this happened in a lake, and not a river, which is where we’ll be fishing. I can’t pronounce “Barragem do Bezerro,.” let alone locate it on a map, so maybe it’s not close to where we’ll be. Still, I know for sure that there will be piranhas where we’re fishing. There will be no lazy dangling of the toes into the water, no matter how hot it gets. My guide will get a workout landing my fish, lest a finger get nipped. And no matter how much my inner Michael Phelps beckons, I will not swim.

I’m told that attacks are rare, particularly where there are predators, but I’m not the kind of guy to take chances — especially when we’ll be 50-100 miles from the nearest road.

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  • Citybassboy

    Good luck Dave and hope you catch a MONSTER of a peacock bass

  • Anonymous

    Thanks but if you read the blog it’s not me that’s going it’s Pete Robbins one of our guest blog writers. I’m sure he will have a great trip Dave