The Elite Series with Two Rodeos Left

Written by Sarah on May 19, 2011

The 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series season is three-quarters done (that’s 75 percent for the math-challenged among you), and the hits just keep on coming. Our good friend Mr. Mercer may be a little too close to the action to see some of the trends developing so I, your trusty muckraker, will try to provide some insight into what has happened and what may still occur. From the home office in Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan, here are ten tidbits, questions and info nuggets you won’t hear anyplace else:

1. Number of anglers in the top ten of the Angler of the Year race named Ott: Still one. Mr. Defoe still hasn’t missed the money in BASS competition.

2. I don’t think there’s another professional sport that sees the word “prototype” used so frequently in its post-event reports as bass fishing.

3. If the season ended today, there’d be four first time Classic qualifiers from the Elite Series ranks: Defoe, Keith Poche, Pat Golden and Marty Robinson.

4. Based on his historical success on the lake of the same name, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fred Roumbanis named his soon-to-be-born child “Murray.”

5. Arkansas homeboys Billy McCaghren (53rd), Kevin Short (75th) and Scott Rook (79th) are all currently outside of the Classic cut, so they must be licking their chops over the upcoming hometown event on the Arkansas River. McCaghren also has the powerful “baby pattern” working for him. Stephen Browning (34th) is the only Little Rock area local currently inside the Classic cut.

6. Travis Manson, still the best hair on the Elite Series circuit. Do you think that his presence has sapped the strength of previous title-holder Skeet Reese?

7. I’m still trying to figure out if anyone has called Mr. Brauer “Dennis” or Mr. Schultz “Bernard,” as the BASS scoresheets refer to them.

8. I don’t know about you, but I’m anxious for someone to win a tournament on an old-fashioned spinnerbait sometime soon.

9. If I’d told you at the beginning of the season that Vegas was allowing you to bet that Timmy Horton (51st), Gary Klein (61st), Russ Lane (63rd), Skeet Reese (67th), Mike McClelland (76th) AND Tommy Biffle would miss the Classic, would you have put money down? Would you bet on that now?

10. I’d like to see Casey Ashley go on American Idol. I’m sure a lot of the Elite Series pros would, too, if only to get him to stop taking their money.

This blog was written by Dave’s good friend and Facts of Fishing blogger, Pete Robbins.

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