Take a Friend Fishing

Written by Sarah on June 8, 2011

There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but in many states and provinces there are free fishing weekends – times when you don’t have to have a license to participate in the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Since the governing bodies likely embrace these programs because they want to encourage future license sales, they tend not to hold these free fishing weekends in months like December, January and February, when fishing can be tough and shrinkage can be a problem. In fact, many of them happen over the next month or two, the summertime period when the kids are off school and shorts weather is upon us.

For most of us, time on the water is precious – and it’s hard to convince yourself to take a total newbie out when we have the rare day to ourselves – but I encourage you to try it at least once. If you can convince that friend to buy a license in the future, that’s more money for local game and fisheries departments to spend on habitat and enforcement. The fishery you save might be your own, and you might also convince a non-angler to become as obsessed as you are. Someday maybe he or she will return the favor.

Another great blog written by Pete Robbins, Facts of Fishing blogger.

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