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Written by Sarah on September 8, 2011

Last Tuesday’s blog entry, entitled “Mo’ Money” got more reader response than anything I’ve written for Facts of Fishing since I first started here in February. I’m guessing….no, strike that, I’m CERTAIN…that it was because of the accompanying pic, which featured a rather shapely female rear end. Of course, this led to predictable comments and questions like “Does this mean that Dave is going to wear a bikini on his bum?”

I don’t profess to know the answer to that. From a practical perspective, I know that temperatures in Canada are about to get cooler, so a bikini bottom might not be the best choice regardless of other considerations. Still, I suppose the possibility exists.

In order to be a helpful blogger and in case Dave is curious (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I googled up some info about what sort of swimsuit fits what type of body. The result taught me a lot. Did you know there are four basic bikini body shapes? Hourglass, triangular, inverted triangle and rectangular. Again, I don’t know which one best fits Dave so I’ll make an executive recommendation and suggest that he avoid the tankini and stick with the good old-fashioned oversized patterned swim trunks. Remember Rodney Dangerfield in “Back to School”? While the other divers rocked the speedos, Rodney stayed true to himself and crushed the Triple Lindy in his old school fashions.

But if you see Dave standing on the bow of his Skeeter in something a little skimpier, don’t blame me.

Next week: Back to your regularly scheduled fishing blog.

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