SNOW stopping the smallies

Written by Dave Mercer on December 6, 2010

OK, so at the tail end of last week Buffalo, NY got absolutely blasted with the snow storm of all snow storms (well, that’s what you would refer to it as if you live anywhere other than Buffalo, but if you’re from Buffalo it’s just a warm up lol)

Apart from massive snow storms another thing this area of the world is home to is Lake Erie and it’s massive smallies. While many anglers would see snow like this and their first thought would be to throw another log in the fire and turn on The World Fishing Network; some northern anglers are a little more hardcore or maybe they are just a little CRAZY. Facts of Fishing buddy and Smallmouth Bass Guru Simon Frost says there is SNOW stopping him from fishing. He launched his boat at a ramp on the Canadian side of Erie (where ironically there was no snow) and ran across to Buffalo to beat down on some bass

Some may say he is crazy but hey, he looks happy! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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  • Sondrafishing2

    I will opt for throwing another log on the fire!

  • Jeff Gorecki

    I wish I was in the boat with him. I have been on the Susquehanna river here in PA dealing with the cold and 38* water temps and still wacking them smallies. You just gotta love it . Rock on Dave love your show!!!

  • bobby frillou

    wow dave. you got a badd ass job. enjoy man.

  • Bassnson

    you got the best seat in the er boat,rock on man!!!