Shimano Cumara Hard Cover Reaction Series Rods

Written by Sarah on November 23, 2010

A few years ago at the ICAST show in Las Vegas, the fishing world was drooling over a hot new line of rods called the Shimano Cumara.  This past year Shimano stepped it up once again with the introduction of the Cumara Reaction series of rods. These ultra, high-performance fishing sticks where specifically designed for fishing today’s ultra-popular reaction baits. This past year we got the honor of making a series of videos that tell the story of the rod that has everyone drooling and the fish shaking. Please check out the first video in the series – Shimano Cumara Hard Cover Reaction Series.

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  • Wes Gardner

    I don't think I get it… how does a rod keep you from getting snagged? I've just accepted the fact that I'm gonna get snagged and lose lures… it's part of fishing, right lol… maybe someone can explain b/c I'd love to lose less lures, I just don't see how this rod will help. Thanks for the videos Dave

  • factsoffishing


    I hope I can help you. You are still going to get snagged sometimes but if you are using the right rod you will get snagged less and your hooks will not get deep into the snag when you do get snagged. Because the rod will help absorb the impact. If the rod is to stiff it's not going to do that and your hooks will get buried in the wood. I hope this helps it's hard to explain in an email but hey if you want swing by one of my seminars and I will get more in depth with it for you. Thanks for your message