Serving Hard Time With WFN

Written by Dave Mercer on November 18, 2010

One of the coolest and most fun parts about my job (aside from traveling all over the world and fishing lol) is the fun situations I find myself in outside of the fishing world. This week I got to work with the super creative production team from The World Fishing Network on some network promos for Facts of Fishing. While some big time networks may simply have you stand in front of a green screen and spew a few lines these guys take things to a whole new level. They set up a full fledged HOLLYWOOD movie studio shoot (minus a trailer for me which would have been nice lol). We are talking about a crew of 20+ people including actors, directors, producers, make-up artists and of course, catering. It’s always awesome to work with pro’s like these guys even if all the waiting for lights to be set up drives me crazy in the end; its all worth it. You will have to watch for them on WFN to see what happens but here are a few shots from the set. As you can see these are not your standard fishing show promos.

You may notice a few other fishing show hosts in this line up like my buddy J.P DeRose from WFN’s Getting School’d & Mark Melnyk from the new WFN show Reel Jobs. I think one of them did it!

My day in court.

You would be amazed how much a little time in a cell will change a man

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